More than Scenic Spots: Experience What Other Things Sydney Has to Offer


Not many are familiar with Lebanese cuisine but if one is looking to taste something unique and delicious, then these dishes are well worth the dollars. For instance, the charcoal chicken in Granville has developed a huge following of food connoisseurs because of its taste. Surprisingly, Australia is home to a few authentic Lebanese restaurants for those willing to treat their taste buds.

Australia is not just a home to pristine beaches, breath-taking landscapes, and other backpacking spots. The land down under also serves as a home to some of the mouth-watering cuisines from a wide variety of countries.

Australia is a multi-cultured country. For that reason, here, you could experience different traditions and even get a taste of what it’s like in other countries as it also has different restaurants like Singaporean, Indian, or even a Lebanese restaurant in Sydney, in particular.

A Home Away from Home


Sydney’s restaurants make use of authentic ingredients that other countries mostly use to really get that genuine taste of every country’s specialties. The charcoal chicken in Granville, for instance, could take out your homesickness as some restaurants make use of authentic spices and not sauces. It is so perfectly made that you would really feel at home even when you are miles away from home.

Feel Like a Tourist

Each food served in restaurants that serve Indian, Singaporean or Lebanese food in Sydney are also made the way it is originally prepared and cooked in its origin country. Because of that, you could definitely feel like you’ve traveled to other countries when you savor each specialty dish from different countries that most Sydney restaurants serve. So if you feel like you want to try out a new cuisine, Sydney’s restaurants have your back. You won’t even have to travel miles away to have a taste of Lebanon, for example, as the charcoal chicken in Granville could make you feel like you’re really in Lebanon because of how it’s perfectly made.

Whether you are a foodie or you just miss your hometown, Sydney’s restaurants are the right place to go. They always serve fresh food and they cook various dishes the way it’s originally done in other countries – no more, no less. In fact, Sydney is also known for the best chicken and chips you’ll ever find in Australia. So the next time, you crave for a dish, know that Sydney’s restaurants will definitely not fail you.

One will no longer travel to Lebanon to have a taste of its popular cuisine. Check out

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