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health and fitnessA healthy lifestyle is easy to attain. It calls for discipline and observance of a balanced diet. This is to help keep your health at bay and free from the numerous diseases that are present. This diet ensures that every bodily function is performed well by the body organs. It supplies the organs with the required nutrients to enable them to function with ease. Such a diet should contain proteins that are known to help in the repair and growth of body tissues. Proteins are easily derived from meat products, dairy products and grains as well. Every diet should contain such so as to facilitate in the repairs of body tissues due to the work they do daily.

Carbohydrates are also vital as they provide the body with the much needed energy to be able to function.  The carbohydrates provide the glucose that is used to retain the body organs with enough energy to be able to run with ease. These are found in starch like foods and are very essential. A balanced diet also must contain fats which when broken down just like carbohydrates, they provide the body with energy. Finally, roughage such as green vegetables, vitamins from fruits like apples, mangoes, bananas and the citrus fruits and water are very crucial in any diet. Water is highly important as it provides a medium in which most of these components are transported and dissolved into the body.

Personal training is key in achieving a healthy lifestyle. It prevents obesity and other diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Personal training involves exercise which is normally physical. This way the body is kept fit and body organs are able to work effectively in performing their set functions. Exercise enables the body to break down fats that may otherwise cause clogging around the major blood vessels and the heart leading to hypertension. Diabetes is also kept at bay through exercise as the excess sugars are broken down and eliminated from the bloodstream.

Personal training may involve going to the gym for exercise, running, jogging, skipping rope or just walking. Either way, all these activities are aimed at keeping you healthy and free from risk of diseases. A healthy life is one that every individual should strive to achieve. It may be hard to maintain due to the day to day activities that we are involved in but its benefits are many and important. Therefore, it is important to set time to exercise and to observe a proper diet so as to curb some of the unwanted illnesses that can be easily avoided.

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