Exhaust Fans and your Utility Bills: The Price of Comfort

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At a time when people everywhere are talking about energy efficiency, you should rethink your household make and see how you are doing the environment a favour by minimising your carbon footprint while reducing your utility bills. Believe it or not, the key is in choosing the right quality of exhaust fan for your home. Proper ventilation has so much to do in lowering your energy bills and making your home’s energy use more efficient. Check out why. Read on.

Exhaust Fans Facilitate Controlled Ventilation

When you have a good quality exhaust fan up, you are more likely to enjoy a healthy and comfortable indoor while reducing your utility costs. Proper ventilation helps transfer the heat evenly to different areas of the house during winter. In summer, it helps keep the cooling costs low by making sure that the cool air does not escape the indoors.images (2)

Proper ventilation is especially useful when the temperatures are rising. An exhaust fan has the capacity to remove humidity from your home and keep much of the cool air contained within the indoors so your cooling systems will not be overworked. Here are a few more useful notes to remember:

  • Keep your curtains and drapes down throughout the day, especially when the sun is shining oh-so-bright. This will help keep out heat, as your window closures can block the sun. An air curtain could certainly help, too.
  • Keep lighting fixtures and other electronic appliances away from the thermostat. Doing the opposite will make your cooling system work harder than it is necessary because it will detect the heat that they give off.
  • The higher degree you set your thermostat on will help you save on your energy costs as well. It could also help if you have a wall exhaust fan installed to help suck out heat and humidity from the inside of the house and make it a lot cooler.
  • Keep your cooling system well maintained. Regular inspection and maintenance service would help keep it in working condition all the time, allowing you to maximise its value while lengthening its lifespan.
  • Always remember to run a wall mount fan while you are cooking. This will help draw out the hot air that could perpetuate the kitchen and get spilled out to the rest of the house.

There are two major ways to help lower down your utility bills. First, make your heating and cooling system efficient and second; ensure proper ventilation throughout the entire household.


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