Achieve Balance through Counseling and Therapy


With life’s many struggles and problems, many people find it hard to live a fully happy life, free of stress and anxiety. Fear or anger can stem from previous events, even from one’s childhood. A psychologist in Bondi Junction can help pinpoint and work through the root cause of common behaviors like eating disorders, drug or alcohol addiction, depression, panic attacks, and much more. counseling1

In fact, such issues can affect one’s performance in work or school, relationships with family and friends, and self-confidence. Inability to sleep or struggles with eating habits can also be a trigger for one to seek a psychologist in Bondi Junction.

A professional has the competency to make a difference in the lives of his patients. Counseling is proven to be effective in helping those with anxiety, depression, grief, stress, and built-up anger.

Various treatments are offered, including:

  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

The main concept of CBT is to look at how one views the world, which in turn affects moods, emotions and reactions to day-to-day occurrences. Through mindfulness techniques, patients are taught to pay attention to life events without judgment. The goal is “to see things as they are” and being more detached to these incidents.

  1. Schema Therapy

Most people develop patterns that might be difficult to change, but these might actually be impairing patients by reinforcing either negative thoughts or behavior. These can also prevent them from recovering from traumatic experiences, or from having fruitful relationships. By targeting these schemas, a psychologist in Bondi Junction can help the patient break these patterns and achieve different results in life.

  1. Couples Therapy

Some patients have issues with their partners, like lack of trust due to infidelity. Relationship therapy helps those in committed relationships redevelop a healthy bond and work through misunderstanding and other hindrances.

  1. Family Therapy

Children, especially teenagers, go through a trying time in their relationships with parents, whether it’s a difficulty in understanding each other or having some deeper issues from childhood. Your counselor can help sort through the emotions and pinpoint the root causes, working towards a better parent-child connection.

  1. Dealing with Body Image Problems

Although wanting to look beautiful and healthy is normal, going through a rollercoaster cycle of binge eating, crash dieting and purging is a sign of a sign of something worse. A psychologist can help a patient develop positive body image and remain healthier in the process.

There is no shame in talking to a professional to find a solution for negative thoughts and behavior. While stress and anxiety cannot be fully avoided, a life with a positive outlook is also not unattainable.

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