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The best way to long life is staying fit and healthy. Health experts report that people who are physically active for at least 7 hours a week has 40% more chance to live longer than those who are less than 30 minutes active per week, as staying active and fit reduce the risk of heart diseases, strokes, diabetes particularly Type 2, osteoporosis and even certain types of cancers. Survival of the fittest is therefore applies to all.healthy-life

While people understand the concept of staying fit, some may not have fully understood that it’s important and beneficial. And once full understanding is present, the motivation to perform the action arises, too.

For this reason, this page is created to help everyone develops the motivation to stay and remain fit for better chance to long life.

Our authors and contributors will not be only sharing fitness education but also be sharing with readers important notes on how staying in good shape will give them independence during the extra years because they exercise and eat healthy diet. They’ll show ways how to have the energy to spare after work and how to have some fun.

Through cooperation with health experts, this page will be sharing articles written by fitness professionals to help readers have better understanding of mind and body connection and how remaining active helps in maintaining a healthy brain. The exercise articles on this page are to promote exercise as a way to slow or reverse harmful age-related effects and benefiting people of all ages.

Our authors and contributors are individuals who advocate healthy lifestyle through fitness programs and healthy diets. They insist that fit persons won’t have to spend as much money on health care and that fitness doesn’t only aims at staying fit but as well as help people to lead a happy and meaningful life not for themselves alone but also for people whom they’re sharing life with.

Expect to read articles on the latest fitness trends as well as to read opinions of experts on what’s new in fitness industry. This is because our authors and contributions are always on the lookout for sources of good fitness programs in gyms, fitness centers and elsewhere, and then share with you their unbiased opinions.

If you’re already a fitness bug, the more you’ll love browsing around the site, as you’ll find more ways of getting fit even outside the gym or fitness center. We’ll be talking about workout sessions to do at home.

Our invitation for you. Stay Fit. Live. And enjoy life more!

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